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About the Author

Vic Lindblom

The author, Vic Lindblom, is a retired mechanical engineer, who designed vehicles in the fields of earthmoving, roadbuilding, commercial, and military equipment for large corporations. He writes with an understanding that technology, teamwork, and relationships among family and co-workers are critical to progress. The “Franchise” series of the “Ridgelands” saga incorporates these distinctive aspects into an adventure tale of emerging industry and political intrigue, set in a time before the advent of electricity.

Vic Lindblom is also committed to the application of faith in our lives.  He earned a Master of Divinity, and is active teaching, singing, and serving in his walk of faith.  Amidst great diversity of belief and rejection of belief, faithful people are called to live out their faith in kindness before everyone.  Diversity of belief is prominent in the “Franchise” series, sadly demonstrating how little valued people often are.  The following, “Pilgrimage” series, digs deeper into our commitments to each other.

Knowing that dialog is central to our relationships, Vic emphasizes conversation among characters to reveal the workings of their hearts.  Characters also ponder their circumstances, wondering how to proceed or how to perceive events around them.  He explores the complexity of human experience within the creative background of a different world, initially in Laboot City, extending to BuelaVisu.  That local world will expand to two continents in the “Pilgrimage” series.

My Philosophy

The visible world around us is a demonstration of the creator’s provision, care, and creativity. Mankind demonstrates its failure to respond responsibly to the creator’s handiwork and desire. The creator allows this because people must be free agents to accomplish his goal of relationship with each of us. A world exists beyond our sight, which affects the visible world.

The history of mankind is filled with misperceptions; however, most legends, myths, and personal viewpoints have a foundation in reality.  A good story will suggest resolution for what we suspect is true.  Although we will seldom approach assuredness, we grow by considering options outside our narrow scope of thought.

A premise invites participation, just as a theory in science invites investigation.  I open the Ridgelands saga to additional philosophers and authors to participate in building the world represented in the saga.  I ask that the principles stated are respected or at least recognized and discussed.  This site will note deviations when reviewing and recommending contributors.