In his most recent book, “Ridgelands Franchise Preparation,” Vic Lindblom invites readers on a thrilling mission that develops from an ordinary journey into a suspenseful story of survival. Ultimately, a food poisoning incident disturbs the characters to their very core.

Readers are drawn into the mystery as Oscar’s discontent at the story’s center prepare for an unforeseen series of events. The routine journey turns into a battlefield as the people deal with the consequences of a planned poisoning, disrupting their intended objective.

Vic Lindblom introduces a cast of characters, each contributing a unique viewpoint to the developing drama. Readers are seduced by the colorful inclusion of characters, from Quinn’s unshakable loyalty to Icorante’s strategic insights and Oscar’s deep worries. Belak’s sister, Louise, shows her substance as she organizes the effort to reveal the truth behind the evil poisoning.

 The food poisoning incident triggers a deeper look at the issues of trust, motivations, and the fine line that separates friends and opponents. Vic Lindblom expertly combines suspense and planning into the story as the characters navigate the unforeseen elements of their quest. The notion that a group inside the Callonian Riverrunners is orchestrating the plan adds complications, forcing the characters to distinguish between friend and foe.

The poisoning focuses light on a lesser figure, Huey, sometimes a problem, certainly self-destructive, but having great potential.  If he pulls through, how will his personality develop in the coming books?  The incident portends great challenges ahead as the team faces the journey over the continental divide.  This provides readers an engaging entrance to Vic Lindblom’s Franchise series.

 In this enthralling story, “Ridgelands Franchise Preparation,” Vic Lindblom challenges readers to solve the riddle of the story’s characters. The journey promises to be astonishing and full of surprises. Lindblom’s tale, climaxing in the food poisoning incident, delivers an entertaining plot packed with suspense and companionship worth examining. Accompany the story’s characters as they face mysterious hazards and start on an exciting adventure for progress and security.

Join the diverse characters in a suspenseful adventure in the book “Ridgelands Franchise Preparation,” now available on Amazon and the author’s official website,

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